Shield Cat

A game in development by CyanSorcery
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About the Game

Shield Cat is a game starring Lance the otter! He is a mail courier for the Cat Kingdom, delivering official letters and packages. One day, Lance wakes up and finds that the Cat Kingdom is in chaos. What's worse, his friends seem to be responsible! What dark magic could be at work here? Lance will need all the help he can get on his adventure, both to save his friends and to save the Kingdom!


Along the way, Lance will find abilities that can help him on his quest. You can equip and upgrade these abilities to enhance Lance's strength and allow him to use more tools on his quest. Here are just some of the many Abilities you can learn:


During your quest, you will find several types of collectibles! Here are some of the collectibles you can find!


Along the way, you'll meet many friends and make more friends. Here are just some of the people you'll meet!

Game Modes

The game supports different difficulty levels and play modes, which are detailed below! Please note that achievements will only be given on the lowest difficulty used on that play file.


Development builds of Shield Cat are currently available on the following platforms. Please note that certain distribution channels only support specific versions of the game.