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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions about Shield Cat! It was last updated February 12th, 2022.

Q: What is this?

A:This is an FAQ covering questions that I often get about Shield Cat. Please give it a read before asking me questions, or just check it out if you want to learn more about the project!

Q: How many people are working on this? How long will it take to develop?

A:This game is currently being developed by a single person. All art, spritework, programming, and music (as well as some sound effects) are being created solely by CyanSorcery (Roxy.) The game also features some sound effects and effects loops that were purchased from resource packs.

Because it is a solo developed game, it will most likely take many years to develop. I appreciate your ongoing patience as I work on the game.

Q: Will Shield Cat come to consoles? What consoles do you have in mind?

A:Currently my plan is to release the game on desktop platforms first, and if it does well there, then I can start working on console ports. My ideal situation would be to release it on a Nintendo console, as I feel it would fit in the most there.

This being said, due to the nature of how this game is being developed and how long it will take to do so, current generation systems like the PS5, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX Series consoles are out of the question.

Q: Are you seeking a publisher for Shield Cat?

A:At the time of writing, no. My goal is to get the demo out, and then maybe we can talk about publishing deals. However, I am not interested in any deal which would cause me to lose creative control, that would take the project away from me, or would require me to remove any of the LGBTQ aspects from the game.

Q: Will you implement Crypto/NFTs into Shield Cat?

A:Hell no, and I'm not willing to work with any developer or publisher who would want to or who deals with Crypto, NFTs, or 'web3.'

Q: Will you hold a Kickstarter to help fund Shield Cat?

A:At the time of writing, I don't have any plans to hold a Kickstarter. The major reasoning is that you need to use your legal name on Kickstarter, which is not really something I can do currently. If you're interested in supporting the game, you always have the option of supporting me on Patreon!

Q: Can I contact you about Shield Cat?

A:Sure! You're more than welcome to join my Discord Server, or you can direct message me over on Twitter. Additionally, you can send me an email to roxy at shieldcat dot com. However, I'm hoping you'll have read this FAQ before contacting me!

Q: Why is it called Shield Cat?

A:Originally the game featured a version of Lance that was simply a cat with a large shield, so pretty much the name was very direct. However, it has since evolved to be about the Cat Kingdom and its inhabitents. The Shield Cats are knights which protect the kingdom, but also cover other things too such as the train services and mail delivery.

The reason I ended up sticking to the name was because I already bought the domain name, and I didn't want that money to have been wasted. However, it all ended up working out. That being said, if I were given the opportunity to call it something else, I most likely wouldn't, since the central conflict now evolves around the Shield Cats themselves. Who knows, maybe the story would have evolved into something else.

Q: Why did you start Shield Cat?

A:I always wanted to make a game like Spike McFang, because I found spinning against things quite satisfying in a way that I haven't found in any other game. Back when Toby Fox's excellent DeltaRune Chapter 1 demo was revealed, he spoke about wanting to build a team to help work on the game, and I thought to myself, hey I can do that. But then I realized if I thought I could do that, then why don't I go ahead and make a game already?

Q: Why Gamemaker Studio 2?

A:Quite simply, I've been using Gamemaker off and on since Gamemaker 4 was new. Therefore, when I decided to start the project, I just went with what I was most familiar with.

Q: Will there be a MacOS version?

A:Sure! However, MacOS development involves having a real Mac to develop on, as well as many expensive developer fees for packaging and releasing apps. There is also a big hassle in distributing apps through non-Steam platforms (such as itch.io) so currently it is out of the question.

Q: Will Shield Cat come to Android/iOS?

A:Unfortunately, no. I tried the game on Android through sideloading APKs and the general response was that it just wasn't an optimal way to play the game. There still is compatibility code in the game in case I ever decide to change my mind, but at this time, it is not planned for release on these platforms.

Q: Will Shield Cat come to PS Vita?

A:Officially, no. However, I am interested in the Android APK wrappers people are creating for it, though I don't think I would be able to put a bunch of time into something like this personally. Most likely, it is unlikely to happen. Additionally, by the time the game is out, the PS Vita will most likely be a relic of the past.

Q: Will Shield Cat come to Ouya or Raspberry Pi?

A:Unfortunately, these platforms are not powerful enough to run the game, so there's no way that the game would be able to come to these platforms.